Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Guest Post on Leadership Missteps

    Wednesday June 13, 2012

    Today Bloomberg BusinessWeek's The Management Blog featured a guest post by Helio Fred Garcia on recent leadership missteeps, "Déjà Vu, All Over Again."

    Garcia writes: "Apologies to Yogi Berra, but the Sage of the Yankees could have been describing the current state of corporate communications. So far, this year’s crop of missteps is eerily familiar, with boards and chief executive officers apparently following the playbooks of some of the worst-handled crises of recent years."

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    Fast Company: Excerpt On Winning Hearts And Minds

    Monday May 14, 2012 has a new post featuring The Power of Communication, which excerpts Chapter 9, “Audiences: Attention, Retention, and How Hearts and Minds Are Won”. The post underscores what visionary leaders like Steve Jobs – who’s on the cover of the latest Fast Company magazine issue – have always recognized: Understanding emotion is the key to human engagement.

    Read the full excerpt of The Power of Communication here.

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    Power of Communication Again Named to US Marine Corps Commandant’s Professional Reading List

    Friday February 28, 2014

    In February, 2014 the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps updated the Commandant’s Professional Reading List, which specifies required readings for Marines by rank and category.  We are pleased to note that for the second consecutive year The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively was listed as one of 8 readings in the Leadership category.

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    MajGen Richard C. Schulze Memorial Essay, US Marine Corps

    Saturday January 4, 2014

    Every year the United States Marine Corps commissions an essay that challenges the Marines to perform better in the future.  Past MajGen Richard C. Schulz Memorial Essayists include Jim Webb, later US Senator, and Gen. Bernard Trainor, later chief military correspondent for the NY Times.

    Helio Fred Garcia was invited to be the 2013 Schulze Essayist.  The Essay, "Communication is the Continuation of Policy by Yet Other Means," is an adaptation ofThe Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively.  It was published in the December, 2013 issue of Marine Corps Gazette, the professional journal of US Marines.

    The essay calls on Marines up and down the chain of command to take communication as seriously as other elements of their profession:

    "So the burden on commanders is high: They need to be excellent communicators in their own right, and they also need to create environments in which their Marines understand how everything they say and do—and everything they don’t say and don’t do—creates an impression that can affect the reputation of the Corps and the national security interests of the United States... The next war is likely to be fought not on a field of battle, but on television, the Internet, and social media. The tip of the spear needs to be as competent in the modern arenas as in fields of fire."

    You can read the complete essay here.

    Power of Communication named #2 on list of 20 Best Books on Communication

    Saturday September 28, 2013

    "Communications expert, consultant, and speaker Helio Fred Garcia reveals how to orient on audiences, recognizing their centers of gravity and most critical concerns."

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    The Fresno State Public Rlations Student Society of America Blog

    Thursday March 7, 2013

    The latest blog from the student PRSSA organization at Fresno State University features a review of Helio Fred Garcia's visit to discuss communication skills in crisis management and his most recent book, "The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively."  The blog highlights some of the key points presented.  To view these and learn more, visit the PRSSA Blog here.

    JoshuaReich.Org Blog: Review of The Power of Communication

    Tuesday February 12, 2013

    This week's Tuesday Morning Book Review blog on features The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively by Helio Fred Garcia.  The reviewer is Joshua Reich, Pastor of Preaching & Vision at Revolution Church in Tucson, Arizona.

    Reich points out that although this book is not "geared towards preachers, the applications from this book are incredibly clear."  What he most appreciated was "the idea how communication (or preaching) is about persuasion, changing ideas, changing someone, world views and moving people in a certain direction....The goal is changing someone. That’s the Power of Communication."

    The reviewer closes his weekly blog with this final piece of advice: "If you are a communicator or a leader, this is a book worth checking out."

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    Strategy and Leadership journal: Review of The Power of Communication

    Friday January 4, 2013

    The latest issue of the peer-reviewed management journal Strategy and Leadership features a review of Helio Fred Garcia's most recent book, "The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively." The reviewer is David P. Boyd, Professor of Management and Organizational Development in Northeastern University's Business School, who discusses his opinion on Garcia's book and its applicability in real life situations.

    "The Power of Communication by Helio Fred Garcia offers lessons in crisis management and communications, not only for C-suite incumbents but also for all stakeholders who have an interest in the success of the organization," says Boyd. "When crisis looms, this tome guides us on how to pre-empt it. When prevention is not possible, this book counsels us on how to mitigate a disastrous aftermath."

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    The Leaders Life & Work Blog: Excerpt of the Power of Communication

    Friday December 21, 2012

    Today Tommy Kiedis, Senior Pastor of Spanish River Church in Boca Raton, Florida, featured an excerpt of Helio Fred Garcia's latest book, "The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty and Lead Effectively" on his blog, "The Leaders Life & Work." Kiedis's blog highlights Garcia's four question test of when a leader should communicate in order to seize the initiative to maintain the trust and confidence of stakeholders during a crisis.

    Kiedis concludes his blog by saying, "Fred Garcia's The Power of Communication is a great guide to help leaders along the way."

    To read the blog, click here.

    Pyschology Today: Recommendation for The Power of Communication

    Wednesday December 12, 2012

    A recent article in Psychology Today, titled, "Presenting to Clients: To Know Them is to Wow Them" by Nancy Ancowitz, recommended Helio Fred Garcia's book, "The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively," to help communicators connect with their clients.

    "You don’t have a crystal ball, so how can you know what your clients are thinking?" writes Ancowitz. "Chances are you’re already knowledgeable about your subject or you wouldn’t have earned a seat at the table. But how knowledgeable are you about your clients? Not gaining that knowledge can look like this: clients slumped in their seats, pretending to be interested, yawning, checking their wristwatches a lot, and/or playing Angry Birds while you’re talking... [a] treasure trove of tips to step up your game as a presenter is The Power of Communication by Helio Fred Garcia."

    To read the article, click here.  

    The article is also featured on Self-Promotion for Introverts(R) blog.

    Karol V. Menzie

    Book Reviewer for NICHE Magazine

    "Garcia's book may be most interesting when he discusses the science behind audience behavior."

    "Even if you're never called upon to explain an oil spill or introduce a new iProduct, you can benefit from knowing how what you say in any circumstance-- taking on a new artist, writing an advertisement, closing a sale-- affects the people you're trying to influence. The Power of Communication offers the tools to make that message meaningful."

    To read the full review, click here.


    Douglas Winslow Cooper

    Author of Ting and I

    "The lessons and examples are priceless."

    "I wish I could have read it when I was a debater in college."

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    Andy Green

    Author of Creativity in Public Relations

    "The need for leaders to harness and manage effective communications is a surprisingly neglected area in public relations texts. Fortunately, Helio Fred Garcia addresses this lacuna with an immensely powerful sledgehammer of case studies, insightful deconstruction and valuable tips, processes and ways of doing to offer a what, how and why on the power of communications."

    Link → 5-star review

    Michelle Ridlehoover

    "I loved this book. Great stories. Great information. Excellent book. Worth every penny."

    Link → 5-star review

    Faith A. Nale

    "Interesting stories from politics and the corporate world that illustrate the techniques in action - or the consequences of not using those techniques. Good information for any person whether for the job or for interpersonal relationships."

    Link →

    Marie Raperto

    President/Owner of Cantor Integrated Marketing Staffing, Inc.

    "Mr. Garcia teaches you everything you need to know to be an effective communicator in today’s world, and he does it with excellent, targeted examples.  Influencing your audience is  not an easy take, but Mr. Garcia teaches you how to do this in a entertaining, engaging way, with the efficiency of the Marines.  This book will definitely help you practice communications but it will also help you find a job.  Many of the principles for effective leadership communications discussed also work for writing your resume and finding that job."

    Link → 5-star review


    "Enjoyed the comparison to US marine strategy. These approaches apply to people in all situations. I was benefiting from the book even after the first couple of chapters. Helps you think clearly about how to communicate, when to communicate and why to communicate!"

    Link →

    Tom Liacas

    Online Reputation Strategist for Social Disruptions

    "If there is one tough challenge when it comes to doing social media consulting, it is persuading corporate decision makers that adapting to networked culture is a hard question of success, not a soft, nice-to-have aspiration...What I love about The Power of Communication, a book very much aimed at high-level leaders, is the wealth of analogies and prescriptions that convey the strategic advantages of using empathy and active listening when trying to win the hearts and minds of customers and stakeholders. In short, Garcia makes soft power a concrete must-have for 21st century communications and this reasoning works perfectly for selling a social media strategy as well."

    Link → 5-star review

    Z. M. Zientek

    "I felt that it's an important book on this subject and for everyone to read, not just business people or politicians. Personally, I am hard of hearing ("legally deaf" as I was often told) and communication isn't my strong suit as it takes a lot of my energy just to hear. And, this book has help me to understand some of the skills in utilizing communication in one's life, even on a daily basis, and to understand the dangers of miscommunication in the public sectors.  It's to be recommended"

    Link → 5-star review

    James E. Lukaszewski

    "The book is story after story, insight after insight, lesson after lesson, inspiration after inspiration. Just when you think it's impossible to find another important illustration of a crucial communication or leadership principle, Fred gives you another chapter of powerful, sensible, often surprising and charming stories and lessons."

    Link → 5-star review

    Joshua Reich

    "When it comes to books that apply to preaching, this was one of the more fascinating ones. While not a book geared towards preachers, the applications from this book are incredibly clear."

    "If you are a communicator or a leader, this is a book worth checking out."

    Link → 5-star review

    L. Gann

    "Garcia reinvents the idea of strategic communication. If you want a competitive advantage in ANY field, read this book. Every leader should have a copy."

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    Soundview Executive Book Summaries

    “Garcia approaches communication from a strategic perspective — specifically, and with surprising effectiveness, using a required Marine Corps manual on war strategy called 'Warfighting: United States Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication No. 1.'"

    "The Power of Communication is more than a book on communication. It is a book on leadership, and one that all leaders will find valuable and comprehensive.”

    Link →

    Tom Liacas

    Co-Founder and Chief Strategist at #engagementlabs

    "Drawing from Clausewitz and the suprisingly subtle Warfighting manual of the Marines, he presents basic principles for winning hearts and minds of audiences in the networked era. Many have tried to convey these subtleties to decision makers, only to be dismissed for too much fuzziness. Using strategic military language to drive the point home surely helps these points to sink in even with the hard as nails CEO!"

    Link → 5-star review

    D.E. Huggins

    "I loved the stories and examples as well as the explicit principles; every point is made crystal clear and is memorable."

    Link → 5-star review

    Bill Luconti

    "Garcia uses examples we all can relate to in order to understand the means of better communication. An easy read which allows you to learn quickly in simple terms anyone can understand."

    Link → 5-star review

    Russ Emrick

    "This is one of the best books I've read on communication as a leadership and business discipline."

    "You may not like this book if you're not pro-military or don't appreciate the military's approach on communication. For those of us who do I can't recommend a better book or an author who has more impressive credentials. Helio Fred Garcia has taught at dozens of impressive Universities, including Wharton School of Business. He is a consultant and has extensive military background, including endorsements of some serious West Point Officers. He is the real deal."

    "Garcia not only tells you what communication isn't but what it is and then teaches you how to communicate effectively. If I only had two books on communication this would be one of them... This is an excellent book."

    ""The Power of Communication" goes from the conceptual, e.g. connecting and planning, to execution and then skill building. Verbal and non-verbal skills are covered. Garcia hits on every major area and can have a major impact on your effectiveness as a communicator and leader if you'll apply the material of this outstanding book."


    Link → 5-star review

    AmMaynard “AmMaynard”

    "If you are looking to be a better communicator, whether personally or for business, this is definitely a book worth reading. I will keep this book for a lifetime and will dust it off annually to refresh myself on the finer points made within."

    Link →

    George Raveling

    Nike's Director of International Basketball.

    "The Power of Communication is one of the great books I have read recently."

    Link →

    Deidre Breakenridge

    Professor of Social Media, New York University Public Relations and Corporate Communication program.

    "The Power of Communication by Helio Fred Garcia is one of my new favorites in 2012."

    "It is fascinating to relate Marine Corps thinking and effective execution to our communications initiatives.  I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first, but believe me this book does not disappoint.  I was truly inspired by how Fred took the Marine Corps framework and illustrated to communications professionals and business leaders a different way to take initiative and “control” the agenda."

    "The Power of Communication gives you an opportunity to be clear and orderly, and most of all to be strategic.  By reading this book, you will learn quickly that it’s not what you want to say, but rather asking a different set of questions (from what is the challenge and what is our goal to who matters and what do they need from us)."

    "If you are looking to add a really good book to your 2013 reading list, then The Power of Communication should definitely be at the top of your list!"

    Link → 5-star review

    Cherry Keal

    "This book is extremely well written. It is full of valuable insight linked to real life situations as examples of communication success and failure. I enjoyed reading it and the information it provided. I would recommend this book to anyone that seeks to understand the value, cause and effects of good communication."

    Link →

    Canadian Soapbox

    Canadian Blog

    "There are many books that can help seekers of success: The 7 Habits of Successful Highly Effective People, The One Minute Manager, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Art of War.  That's just a few titles and there are many more. Helio Fred Garcia's 'The Power of Communication - Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively' belongs on the same shelf for those looking to hone their leadership skills."

    "The best athletes practice their craft constantly, those interested in being the best possible leaders need to do the same. Reading and applying the lessons in The Power of Communication will provide serious aspirants with invaluable tools to help them excel at communicating and ultimately leading."

    Link → 5-star review


    "Where Garcia's book rises above the pack of "how to communicate better" books is in the way he weaves real-world examples into an instruction set that is easy to understand and follow (but not necessarily easy to master). I would offer that no would-be leader - in business, politics, academics, sports, etc. - should attemept the ascent without reading "The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively" first. If any book is a prerequisite for the journey, it is this one."

    Link → 5-star review

    C. Warren Hughes

    "If you are a leader, if people look to you for guidance and decisions, buy this book, read it, highlight pages, tab examples and fold-over key corners and sections. Laminate this book and take it to the field. It's that good."

    Link → 5-star review

    Alain Burrese

    "I found "The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively" by Helio Fred Garcia to be an exceptional book on effective communication skills."

    "Garcia took that book that has been used to build leaders and is a guide on strategy doctrine in the Marine Corps, and showed how the same lessons and principles apply to effective communication and how through effective communication you can achieve extraordinary results."

    "I agree with Garcia that the concepts in "Warfighting" deserve a bigger audience, and I really like how he took those concepts and applied them to communication in an interesting and practical manner. All leaders who wants to be more effective with communicating should read this book and apply the lessons to their own situations."

    "I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to communicate more effectively. This book will not just show you, but guide you to using The Power of Communication."

    Link → 5-star review

    GA Garcia

    "The book is well-organized and punctuated with numerous examples of really GOOD (e.g., Steve Jobs) and really BAD (e.g., Netflix) examples of communication to the public."

    "Truly a must read for anyone in positions of authority."

    The author of this review is not related to the author.

    Link → 5-star review

    S. Dargin

    "This book takes an interesting and methodical look at nine principles of effective communication for leaders...The stories of the principles in action make this book a fascinating read. The analysis of historical and contemporary events through the leadership communication lens, such as Katrina, Netflix, BP oil spill, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs are helpful and insightful. He also uses scientific research in many places to back up the principles. He turns the whole concept of using logic to lead on its head."

    "This is a must read for any leader who is serious about improving their leadership and communication skills."

    Link → 5-star review

    James Strock

    "The book is built on the premise that communication is a core leadership competency. Garcia effectively uses anecdotes and examples from powerful leadership communitors and communications (Steve Jobs, etc.) as well as ineffective (BP/Tony Hayward, FEMA)."

    "Many, perhaps most people, will find value in referring to specific sections as needed. Some may seek inspiration in ascertaining strategy; others in crafting written communications; others in the stagecraft of presentation."

    Link → 5-star review

    Jeri Zerr

    "The most important and relevant point in the Power of Communication, for me, is Words are NOT Enough (Chapter 3). [Garcia] opens with an example from FEMA and the US Government when handling the Hurricane Katrina situation. Having been in numerous roles in local, state and federal emergency management (yes, FEMA) over the years, and with FEMA during the Katrina recovery, Words are NOT enough - especially if not followed up by ACTION. This is perhaps the most important lesson in The Power of Communication for effective communications."

    Link → 5-star review

    DJ Fernandez

    "An instant classic! Smart, user-friendly, and relevant."

    "This book helps those of us in complex institutions navigate both the strategy and the operations of communications for internal and external audiences. The secret to its power is simple: the combination of theoretical framing and practical advice."

    "It is as close as one can get to a self-help communications guide. A must read for anyone leading an institution in transition or dealing with a crisis or managing a turnaround."

    Link →

    Jack Santos

    Research VP, Gartner Inc.

    "Garcia makes it real by taking just about every major communications flub over the past decade and examining them in the context of the principles he espouses.  He dissects the events we have all lived through, and makes the lessons real and memorable."

    Link →

    Matthew Morine

    Pulpit Minister of the Castle Rock Church of Christ in Castle Rock, Colorado.

    "This book was excellent. And it was deep."

    "The book trains you well. Awesome book on communication."

    Link → 5-star review

    Just Anonymous

    "This book is a good source to make someone aware of the power of communication and how words can make things better or far worse...I would definitely recommend this to anyone who does public relations work or who is involved in sensitive negotiations in politically charged environments where the stakes are high and where a misplaced or poorly word can derail progress or make it come to a screeching halt."

    Link → 5-star review

    Irene Becker

    "This book is a communication and leadership MUST HAVE. Is anything more important than building trust, inspiring loyalty and leading effectively? Do you want to be an effective leadership or manager? If YOU do, you need to read Professor Garcia’s outstanding book."

    "As an executive coach who specializes in communication and leadership development, as a career person who has spent the past 25 years in senior positions, I can tell you that Fred Garcia’s book, is a communication and leadership MUST HAVE that will engage you from the first page until the last with its insightful, important content."

    Link → 5-star review

    Ken Kerrigan

    "Fred Garcia has created a Master Class in communications excellence in The Power of Communication...The Power of Communication should be read not only by communications professionals or those who aspire to be in that role, but also anyone in the c-suite."

    "This is real world counsel from one of the best teachers and communications professionals out there today."

    Link → 5-star review

    Harold McFarland

    "This is one of the best books I have read on the subject of business communication."

     "This is one of the few books, maybe one in fifty that I started dogearing pages because I wanted to come back to them and review after I had finished. I soon realized that I was dogearing far too many pages and brought out the laptop to start putting notes together that I might find useful to keep handy. This is extremely rare for me, but this book rose to that level of excellence."

    "While there may be better books on personal communication on the market, this book stands alone as the best book I have read on the subject of business communication to stakeholders and how to grab and maintain control of how your business is viewed by stakeholders including the general public that may be purchasing your product. Easily worth the five star rating and a highly recommended purchase."

    Link → 5-star review

    Lee Witt

    "Whether you’re a communication professional, a crisis management (damage control) officer, or simply a leader looking to improve communication skills, this book is a must read. Seriously, every page has something of value to offer. I always highlight key points in the books that I read and I think I got carpal tunnel syndrome from all of the highlighting I did."

    "This book is an embarrassment of riches. It is a complete college course put together in a very readable and entertaining fashion. I’m sure I’ll go back to it again and again to keep myself on target and to continue to grow as a communicator and a leader. Well done!"

    Link → 5-star review

    K. Salinger

    "From the first chapter I was sucked in, finding myself nodding and agreeing continually with the ideas and concepts described within the book. The author writes well and makes what could be complicated ideas very easy to understand."

    "The author is also great at describing the “why” of it - so that you truly understand, and with understanding you begin to realize the importance of seemingly simple things."

    "Overall this is an amazingly useful book for anyone at any level of leadership or management (and those who aspire to be leaders).

    "Excellent book!"

    Link → 5-star review

    Sharon Beverly

    "I highly recommend this book for the current or aspiring executive...If you want to be successful, you need good communication. That’s where The Power of Communication comes in."

    Link → 5-star review

    Robert Morris

    "Leadership lessons to be learned from the military services, especially from the U.S. Marines."

    Link → 5-star review

    Kathy Davis

    "This book is very thorough about what is truly a complex topic—and a complex situation whenever you are in it. We are all in it sometimes, but there are people who are truly on the hot seat, and they would do very well to read this book, study it, and refer to it often!"

    "I HIGHLY recommend this book. We probably all need it!"

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