Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Guest Post on Leadership Missteps

    Wednesday June 13, 2012

    Today Bloomberg BusinessWeek's The Management Blog featured a guest post by Helio Fred Garcia on recent leadership missteeps, "Déjà Vu, All Over Again."

    Garcia writes: "Apologies to Yogi Berra, but the Sage of the Yankees could have been describing the current state of corporate communications. So far, this year’s crop of missteps is eerily familiar, with boards and chief executive officers apparently following the playbooks of some of the worst-handled crises of recent years."

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    Fast Company: Excerpt On Winning Hearts And Minds

    Monday May 14, 2012 has a new post featuring The Power of Communication, which excerpts Chapter 9, “Audiences: Attention, Retention, and How Hearts and Minds Are Won”. The post underscores what visionary leaders like Steve Jobs – who’s on the cover of the latest Fast Company magazine issue – have always recognized: Understanding emotion is the key to human engagement.

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    Healthcare Journal of Baton Rouge: Quoted on Managing Crisis In A Hyper-Connected World

    Thursday June 14, 2012

    Healthcare Journal of Baton Rouge quoted Helio Fred Garcia on Managing Crisis In A Hyper-Connected World. 

    "But technology improvements have created challenges as well. The proliferation of, and access to, communication tools like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, made even easier through mobile technology, means that the timeframe for getting information out to concerned publics is tighter than ever before. In addition, messages are likely to be shared more broadly and impacted more readily by third parties than was the case just five or ten short years ago.

    Still, says Fred Garcia, “even in the old days people didn’t have as much time as they thought they did.” Garcia is the president of the crisis management firm, Logos, based in New York. He has worked with clients in dozens of countries on six continents and is the author of “The Power of Communication” which will be released by FT Press in May. Despite new technology, which represents both new opportunities and new challenges when communicating during crisis situations, Garcia stresses that the basic principles of effective communication remain the same. Others agree."


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    WBEX AM Radio, Dan & Mike In The Morning: Interview On The Power Of Communication

    Wednesday June 13, 2012

    WBEX AM Radio, Dan & Mike In The Morning show interviewed Helio Fred Garcia on The Power Of Communication.

    You can listen to the podcast of the interview here

    Musings on Spiritual Matters: Review of Power of Communication by Matthew Morine

    Tuesday June 12, 2012

    Matthew Morine, Pulpit Minister of the Castle Rock Church of Christ in Castle Rock, Colorado, posted a review of The Power of Communication today on his blog, Musings on Spiritual Matters. Highlights from the review include:

    "I was not too excited about reading this book.  Sometimes books from a business culture do not translate well to the church culture.  But this book was excellent.  And it was deep."

    "This book has a ton of awesome lessons for a leader in regards to communication.  As a minister, this is helpful stuff as you are often a mouthpiece for the church.  It provides more than some lessons on what to do in speaking, but more on how to use speaking to lead an organization...The book trains you well.  Awesome book on communication."

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    The Boston Egotist Blog: Quoted On Winning Hearts And Minds

    Monday June 11, 2012

    The Boston Egotist Blog quoted Helio Fred Garcia in the article "Speak to the Heart, then to the Mind." 

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    The Communicator Blog: Featured Excerpt On Winning Hearts And Minds

    Monday June 11, 2012

    The Communicator Blog featured excerpt from Fast Company on Winning Hearts and Minds.

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    News for Social Entrepreneurs: Quoted on 6 Ways to Win at Communications

    Friday June 8, 2012

    A recent blog posted on News for Social Entrepreneurs discusses The Power of Communication, specifically on the issue of strategic thinking and communication.

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    Canadian Management Centre: Quoted on Succession in a Time of Crisis

    Thursday June 7, 2012

    Donna Bear from the Canadian Management Centre quoted Helio Fred Garcia on the topic of succession in a time of crisis.

    "Companies that are unprepared for a crisis can suffer a chain of events that have negative implications well beyond the initial event, suggests Helio Fred Garcia, executive director of the Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership, in a recent interview. Ineffective responses to an emergency can have an impact on employees, management, customers, investors, regulators and even competitors. Employees productivity and loyalty tend to decline during times of trauma, and managers often become distracted and unfocused. Customers and investors may shy away, affecting the bottom line. And regulators may involve themselves more closely during a crisis, adding to the disruption of business. In addition, competitors may try to capitalize on a company's troubles by pursuing its most talented employees, its customers and its share of the market, warns Garcia (Garvey, 2006)"

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    Gartner Blog: Review by Jack Santos

    Wednesday June 6, 2012

    Jack Santos reviewed The Power of Communication in his post The Art of War: Communication and IT, saying "Garcia makes it real by taking just about every major communications flub over the past decade and examining them in the context of the principles he espouses.  He dissects the events we have all lived through, and makes the lessons real and memorable."

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    DJ Fernandez

    "An instant classic! Smart, user-friendly, and relevant."

    "This book helps those of us in complex institutions navigate both the strategy and the operations of communications for internal and external audiences. The secret to its power is simple: the combination of theoretical framing and practical advice."

    "It is as close as one can get to a self-help communications guide. A must read for anyone leading an institution in transition or dealing with a crisis or managing a turnaround."

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    Jack Santos

    Research VP, Gartner Inc.

    "Garcia makes it real by taking just about every major communications flub over the past decade and examining them in the context of the principles he espouses.  He dissects the events we have all lived through, and makes the lessons real and memorable."

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    Matthew Morine

    Pulpit Minister of the Castle Rock Church of Christ in Castle Rock, Colorado.

    "This book was excellent. And it was deep."

    "The book trains you well. Awesome book on communication."

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    Just Anonymous

    "This book is a good source to make someone aware of the power of communication and how words can make things better or far worse...I would definitely recommend this to anyone who does public relations work or who is involved in sensitive negotiations in politically charged environments where the stakes are high and where a misplaced or poorly word can derail progress or make it come to a screeching halt."

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    Irene Becker

    "This book is a communication and leadership MUST HAVE. Is anything more important than building trust, inspiring loyalty and leading effectively? Do you want to be an effective leadership or manager? If YOU do, you need to read Professor Garcia’s outstanding book."

    "As an executive coach who specializes in communication and leadership development, as a career person who has spent the past 25 years in senior positions, I can tell you that Fred Garcia’s book, is a communication and leadership MUST HAVE that will engage you from the first page until the last with its insightful, important content."

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    Ken Kerrigan

    "Fred Garcia has created a Master Class in communications excellence in The Power of Communication...The Power of Communication should be read not only by communications professionals or those who aspire to be in that role, but also anyone in the c-suite."

    "This is real world counsel from one of the best teachers and communications professionals out there today."

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    Harold McFarland

    "This is one of the best books I have read on the subject of business communication."

     "This is one of the few books, maybe one in fifty that I started dogearing pages because I wanted to come back to them and review after I had finished. I soon realized that I was dogearing far too many pages and brought out the laptop to start putting notes together that I might find useful to keep handy. This is extremely rare for me, but this book rose to that level of excellence."

    "While there may be better books on personal communication on the market, this book stands alone as the best book I have read on the subject of business communication to stakeholders and how to grab and maintain control of how your business is viewed by stakeholders including the general public that may be purchasing your product. Easily worth the five star rating and a highly recommended purchase."

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    Lee Witt

    "Whether you’re a communication professional, a crisis management (damage control) officer, or simply a leader looking to improve communication skills, this book is a must read. Seriously, every page has something of value to offer. I always highlight key points in the books that I read and I think I got carpal tunnel syndrome from all of the highlighting I did."

    "This book is an embarrassment of riches. It is a complete college course put together in a very readable and entertaining fashion. I’m sure I’ll go back to it again and again to keep myself on target and to continue to grow as a communicator and a leader. Well done!"

    Link → 5-star review

    K. Salinger

    "From the first chapter I was sucked in, finding myself nodding and agreeing continually with the ideas and concepts described within the book. The author writes well and makes what could be complicated ideas very easy to understand."

    "The author is also great at describing the “why” of it - so that you truly understand, and with understanding you begin to realize the importance of seemingly simple things."

    "Overall this is an amazingly useful book for anyone at any level of leadership or management (and those who aspire to be leaders).

    "Excellent book!"

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    Sharon Beverly

    "I highly recommend this book for the current or aspiring executive...If you want to be successful, you need good communication. That’s where The Power of Communication comes in."

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    Robert Morris

    "Leadership lessons to be learned from the military services, especially from the U.S. Marines."

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    Kathy Davis

    "This book is very thorough about what is truly a complex topic—and a complex situation whenever you are in it. We are all in it sometimes, but there are people who are truly on the hot seat, and they would do very well to read this book, study it, and refer to it often!"

    "I HIGHLY recommend this book. We probably all need it!"

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