Lessons on the Anniversary of “I’d like my life back…”

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Two years ago yesterday BP CEO Tony Hayward inadvertently got his wish when, in the thick of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, he told a press conference, “I want my life back.”   He was sacked soon thereafter.  In the battle for public opinion – for trust, support, the benefit of the doubt – Hayward lost.  It was a failure of leadership on a massive scale.  And it began with a failure of communication.  And that failure, in turn, was a failure of discipline.

Hayward’s blunder is not unique to him.  It should be a wakeup call to CEOs and other leaders, to all whose leadership responsibilities require inspiring trust and confidence verbally. 

Whatever else leadership may be, it is experienced publicly. While it may emanate from within, it is a public phenomenon.  And however technically proficient someone may be, if her or she does not communicate effectively, he or she will not lead well. Communication has power.  But as with any form of power, it needs to be harnessed effectively or it can all too often backfire. 

In 33 years of advising leaders on the actions and communication needed to win, keep, or restore public confidence, I have concluded that many leaders, much of the time, fundamentally misunderstand communication. This misunderstanding has consequences: corporations lose competitive advantage; NGOs find it harder to fulfill their mission; religious denominations lose the trust and confidence of their followers; nations diminish their ability to protect citizens and achieve national security goals.


Today SmartBlog on Leadership published an excerpt from The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively, starting with Mr. Hayward's blunder, and moving from there.

The full excerpt is published below.

General Management, Inspiring Others
Guest Blogger

Leadership communication isn’t about saying things; it’s about taking change seriously

By Helio Fred Garcia on June 1st, 2012

Tony Hayward, then CEO of BP, told the media in 2010 that he wanted his life back. He got it, but not in the way he intended. His quote was part of an ineffective attempt to show he cared about the consequences of the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion.

The full quote: “I’m sorry. We’re sorry for the massive disruption it’s caused their lives. And you know we’re — there’s no one who wants this thing over more than I do. You know, I’d like my life back.” But the back end got all of the attention. He had stepped on his message.

It was the beginning of the end for Hayward. He was out of a job a few months later, having lost the trust and confidence of those who mattered to him. His blunder was a failure of leadership on a massive scale. And it began with a failure of communication. And that failure, in turn, was a failure of discipline.

A burden of leadership is to be good at communicating. If you can’t communicate effectively, you will not lead. But there’s a paradox: Unlike most other skills a leader needs to master, communication seems to be something leaders already know; they’ve been communicating their whole lives. So leaders often are unaware of their communication abilities, or lack thereof, until it’s too late.

Harnessing the power of communication is a fundamental leadership discipline. Effective leaders see communication as a critical professional aptitude and work hard at getting it right. And getting it right requires becoming strategic as a first resort: thinking through the desired change in the audience and ways to make that happen. And then making it happen.

Effective communicators take change seriously: They ground their work in moving people to be different, think differently, feel differently, know or do things differently. Effective communicators also take the audience seriously. They work hard to ensure that all engagement moves people toward their goal. That means caring about what the audience thinks and feels and what it will take to get the audience to think and feel something else. It means listening carefully to the reaction, adapting where needed and not saying things that suggest they care only about themselves (I want my life back!).

Effective communicators also take words seriously. They know that words trigger world views and provoke reaction. They plan engagement so the right words are used to trigger the right reaction. Effective communicators also know that the best communication can be counterproductive if it isn’t aligned with action. And effective communicators take seriously the need to package all that an audience experiences — verbal, visual, abstract and physical — into one powerful experience.

The Discipline of Effective Leadership Communication

Six questions to ask before communicating

Effective leadership communication never begins with “What do we want to say?” but rather with a sequence of questions. An effective communicator always begins by asking questions in a certain sequence.

  1. What do we have? What is the challenge or opportunity we are hoping to address?
  2. What do we want? What’s our goal? Communication is merely the continuation of business by other means. We shouldn’t communicate unless we know what we’re trying to accomplish.
  3. Who matters? What stakeholders matter to us? What do we know about them? What further information do we need to get about them? What are the barriers to their receptivity to us, and how do we overcome those barriers?
  4. What do we need them to think, feel, know or do to accomplish our goal?
  5. What do they need to see us do, hear us say or hear others say about us to think, feel, know and do what we want them to?
  6. How do we make that happen?


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Growth for the first six months is forecast to be 0.7 percentage point lower than that in January-April, according to the joint report by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. air max pas cher Gaopeng, the Chinese venture of US-based Groupon, the world’s largest group-buying website, has been closing offices and dumping staff in a sign that its rapid expansion since operations began in March may have outstripped its ability to generate income in a highly competitive market. Suny will retain a 3.6 percent stake in Scailex and Ilan Ben Dov, who controls Suny, will own 3.7 percent. abercrombie pas cher The transfer of retail clients to DBS is due to be completed in the third or fourth quarter of this year, she added. hollister outlet uk The need to transform the pattern of economic growth is stronger now than when the 11th Five-Year Plan began, said Changyong Rhee, ADB’s chief economist. “Global imbalances have become more pronounced, and the recent global recession highlighted the risk of heavy reliance on foreign demand for growth.”
Earlier this year Citigroup was one of just four US banks to fail an important part of the Federal Reserve’s stress tests, which are designed to replicate how a bank would perform in an economic collapse. chaussures louboutin pas cher GLOBAL private markets investment manager Partners Group joined forces with the Pudong New Area government yesterday to launch the firm’s first yuan-denominated fund tapping into China’s nascent private equity sector. mulberry handbags sale Small Chinese companies have for decades been lobbying for easier access to credit, especially when China tightened its monetary policies last year to tame inflation and the weak economic momentum in Europe and the US affected the business of many small Chinese manufacturers which rely on exports to survive. pull abercrombie Tmall.com, Alibaba’s business to consumer unit, and Taobao.com, its consumer to consumer marketplace, took 1.35 billion yuan (US$217 million) from locals during a 24-hour promotion on Sunday that offered at least 50 percent discounts over a massive range of products. fitflop sale China is certainly the market where we hired the most new bankers last year, said Gregory L. Guyett, chief executive officer of JPMorgan’s global corporate bank, in an exclusive interview with Shanghai Daily. “It’s a pretty substantial part of that number.”

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Height, weight, gender, marital status, income, educational level statistics seemingly relevant to lifestyle do not always correlate to shopping preferences, Xue said. tn pas cher homme The stock markets are likely to suffer more falls in the near future, said Yuan, who said investors should wait until the index bottoms out at around 2,300 to 2,400 points. air jordan spizike All the implicated companies have denied Muddy Waters’ accusations. The US Securities and Exchange Commission is currently also investigating alleged irregular trades by Muddy Waters in Sino-Forest stock. abercrombie and fitch paris China Construction Bank, the nation’s second-biggest lender, lost 0.7 percent to 4.42 yuan. The Bank of China, the third-biggest lender, shed 0.3 percent to 3.01 yuan. China Merchants Bank slumped 1.3 percent to 10.81 yuan.
Sales have been strong as more people went out to enjoy the Chinese New Year festivities in Singapore, thanks to the booming economy. tn pas cher homme Apple said it sold 17.07 million iPhones in its fiscal fourth quarter ended September 24—well short of the roughly 20 million forecast by analysts. The iPhone is Apple’s flagship product, yielding some 40 percent of annual sales. INTERNATIONAL Dairy Queen Inc, the ice-cream maker owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc, plans to extend its business to more second- and third-tier cities after its stores have covered over 90 percent provincial capitals in China. abercrombie paris Household spending fell an average of 0.9 percent in September from a year earlier, despite a gain in household income. Stronger spending by Japanese households is critical to the recovery, given that private consumption accounts for almost 60 percent of Japan’s total economic activity, and the outlook for exports remains bleak. hollister sale uk Frequent thunderstorms have caused massive flight delays in the airports of Shanghai, Beijing and other cities recently, and passengers accused airlines of letting them board and wait on the plane to avoid paying delay compensation.
As a reading above 50 means expansion, the index signaled a continued growth in service activities, but at the lowest pace since November 2010. Weakened construction services and transportation and a decline in new orders were a drag on growth. chaussures louboutin pas cher For other Chinese cities, Hangzhou again took a Top 50 spot while Shenzhen secured a Top 60 position. Nanjing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Tianjin, Dalian and Suzhou are all in the Top 100, according to the survey. mulberry outlet sale In June 2005, Sun Hung Kai paid 3.185 billion yuan, or 20,178 yuan a square meter, for the riverside residential site, the highest price in the city for a single land plot. The developer didn’t start construction until June 2009, the Oriental Morning Post said yesterday. boutique abercrombie paris It’s still too early to predict with any certainty that the Jedi will win the battle with the Force. fitflop stockists Heating oil futures rose 3 cents to US$3.27 per gallon and gasoline futures increased by 4 cents to US$3.36 per gallon.

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Chen, who has got her second-hand bag authenticated as genuine by a friend working in a Louis Vuitton shop, admitted she had a moment of doubt over the bag’s authenticity when she was about to cut the deal. tn air max 2014 pas cher However, at least two members of the nine-member rate-setting Monetary Policy Committee - which got an advance glimpse of the figures last week - backed a modest hike in the key lending rate from a record low of 0.5 percent to 0.75 percent. basket jordan femme But the broader trend over the past month suggests job growth could pick up in the new year. magasin hollister Added to the encouraging news out of Europe: stronger corporate earnings from the likes of Google and McDonald’s and signs that the US economy was not as bad as feared. Retail sales rose 1.1 percent in September, the biggest gain in seven months.
And despite the latest price increase, which followed an earlier one on February 8, first-quarter results are likely to be “unexciting,” he said. air max pas cher homme Developers planning a price increase for their properties need to re-register with the watchdogs, the commission said. About 9 percent of the companies surveyed by DBS have settled payments in yuan last year, while 26 percent said they may use the yuan to pay this year. magasin hollister Asked about safety concerns at Massey’s operations, Crutchfield said: “We try to let our performance speak for itself. Nobody is perfect, but we have a very good record regarding safety and a good working relationship with regulators.” He added: “Massey has a lot of great people who want to do the right thing.” hollister uk stores On Thursday night, another big tremor shook the coast of northeast Japan, causing a key supplier to the auto industry, Renesas Electronics, to shut four factories.
Two of the three production lines in Tianjin will be closed for the whole week starting next Monday, affecting output of models such as the Crown and the Reiz, Japan’s Nikkei newspaper said yesterday. chaussures louboutin pas cher Jean-Claude Juncker, chairman of the 17 eurozone finance ministers, said he was “astonished” by S&P’s announcement. He described it as “a wild exaggeration and also unfair” and said it failed to take into account a new austerity plan for Italy, which pulled borrowing costs for the biggest of the eurozone’s ailing countries back from the brink. mulberry outlet online At the pump, gasoline prices rose by 2.4 cents over the weekend to a national average of US$3.471 per gallon (91 cents a liter), according to AAA, Wright Express and Oil Price Information Service. The price of a gallon of regular increased in July by an average of 14 cents, but it’s still 46 cents cheaper than the peak for the year in April. abercrombie france Baoshan Iron and Steel Co, the country’s biggest listed steel maker, shed 1.4 percent to 7.32 yuan. Yanzhou Coal Mining Co declined 1.7 percent to 36.39 yuan. fitflops sale uk It will be Zoellick’s fifth official visit to China since he became World Bank president in July 2007.

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Dongfeng Nissan plans to roll out five Venucia models within five years including an electric car. The goal is to achieve annual sales of 300,000 units in China by then, Carlos Ghosen, president and chief executive officer of Nissan, said during his latest visit to China. tn air max 2014 pas cher Benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude, which is used to price oil produced in the US, fell by US$2.02 to end the day at US$104.70 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the lowest price since Feb. 21. In London, Brent crude, which prices foreign oil imported by US refineries, gave up US$1.82 to finish at US$121.98 per barrel on the ICE Futures Exchange. basket air jordan Cement producers and steel firms led the decline on concerns that slower economic growth could dampen demand. abercrombie and fitch paris The producer price index, a main gauge of inflation at the wholesale level, rose 6.8 percent in May from a year ago, unchanged from April’s annual growth.
TOYOTA Motor Corp. resumed car production at all of its plants in Japan today for the first time since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, but said the factories will run at half capacity due to parts shortages. tn pas cher Huawei is a company dogged by attention, both in China and abroad. It has been held up as a successful example of privately owned enterprise in China because of its rapid business growth and aggressive overseas expansion. Within about a decade, the one-time Shenzhen start-up has become the world’s No. 2 telecommunications equipment vendor and the top player in China’s industry. Imports grew at 22.1 percent to 159.96 billion yuan, and the surplus exports enjoyed over imports retreated by 35 percent, the data showed. chemise hollister The move from a revenue tax to VAT was applied to transport and services businesses in Tianjin Municipality and Zhejiang and Hubei provinces. hollister sale outlet The models, with 49 variations, will be eligible for the 3,000 yuan (US$469) subsidy, the country’s top economic planner said in a statement yesterday.
In Washington, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said JPMorgan’s losses strengthened the case for reform. louboutin chaussures Applications developed by Baidu.com reappeared on Apple Inc’s App Store yesterday after they were removed, without any reasons given by Apple, from the store for iPhone and iPad users on Saturday. By yesterday afternoon, all the affected Baidu apps have reappeared on the App Store, according to Baidu. The affected apps include Baidu Search, Baidu Music and Baidu Maps, which have millions of users. Apple was not available to comment yesterday. mulberry outlet shops A: The apartment complex blaze that killed 58 people in Shanghai on November 15 is a case in point. It turns out only a handful of residents had insurance policies covering their homes and contents. The construction industry got an overhaul after the tragedy, but the issue of construction liability insurance was not addressed. I proposed to introduce more insurance coverage into the construction sector. hollister pas cher SHANGHAI stock index closed higher today, helped by energy-related shares following previous hefty losses over volatility in world commodity markets. fitflop shoes As a prelude to yesterday’s meeting, the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee issued a statement last Friday, saying China will maintain a prudent monetary policy and a proactive fiscal policy, while keeping an unswerving stance on control of the property market next year.

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THE Dow Jones industrial average broke a six-day losing streak yesterday, notching a small gain after the government released better unemployment numbers. nike tn 2014 Jackson said the bank in future will focus on helping develop small and medium-sized companies and also create new innovative products. air jordan homme The company’s Toronto-listed stock subsequently tanked 89 percent, sparking the biggest monthly decline for Chinese companies listed in Canada in three years. An index of these companies shrank 13 percent over the first two weeks of June, echoing a 24.7 percent fall Chinese stocks experienced during April in the US. veste hollister The effects of Shanghai’s property tax could soon be felt by the city’s millions of tenants with rents likely to see a jump after the holiday, analysts have warned.
Generally speaking, foreign investors are increasingly cautious of making new investments amid global economic uncertainties, said Xue Jun, an analyst at CITIC Securities Co. “The unexpected rebound in October is a result of more investment coming from Asian countries, which perform relatively well under present conditions.” tn pas cher Economists point out that oil will stay elevated as long as Libya’s 1.5 million barrels of daily exports remain off the market due to the uprising there. Also, a slowdown in oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, unrest in other oil-rich nations like Yemen and expanding demand among developing nations will keep pushing prices higher this year. China currently holds wealth of US$20 trillion, the third highest in the world only behind the US and Japan but ahead of France, according to the report, which analyzes the wealth distribution of all the 4.5 billion adults in more than 200 countries. pull hollister This may sound futuristic. But it isn’t. Consumer loans should be as easy, accessible and convenient. hollister uk outlet Starting from scratch wasn’t easy, but Han was determined to succeed. Like so many start-ups in the IT field, success depended more on knowledge than initial investment. Han said this advantage could not be found in his originally chosen field biology and was part of the reason he decided to reroute his career path.
Analyst and trader Stephen Schork said oil prices could possibly rebound to the predicted levels later this year, but that would put extreme pressure on the economy. At those levels for oil, gasoline prices would rise well beyond US$4 per gallon (US$1.05 a liter) - squeezing travel budgets and likely forcing many Americans to drive less. louboutin femme pas cher The market loves a quick solution and we’re obviously not getting one, said Mark Lehmann, director of equities of JMP Securities. “We’ve had a strong rally off the bottom and any piece of bad news is going to be responded to negatively.” mulberry outlet sale Exported services exempt from VAT include, among others, certification and consulting, advertising, leasing and logistics services, where those services are either performed outside of China or provided to a foreign entity (the condition will vary depending on the type of service in question). abercrombie homme The Dow Jones industrial average, after falling 239 points earlier in the day, ended down 101.11 at 12,721.46. Yields for US government bonds sank to record lows as traders sought the safety of American debt. fitflop walkstar Investors are watching as the government struggles between fast-growing inflation, high home prices and the need to maintain economic growth, a report by CITIC Securities said. “We think policy makers welcome a modest slowing of the economy.”

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Kingwing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of private investment group Zenisun, predicted that the number of civil helicopters in China will grow 25 percent annually over the next five years and reach 2,100 units by 2020, by which time a total of 6,300 pilots will be required. tn pas cher The exchange trades futures contracts in eight materials, including gold, copper, aluminium and zinc. jordan femme pas cher SHANGHAI consumers were less confident about the city’s economic outlook in the second quarter, and nearly half of local residents tightened their belt on daily basis to counter inflation, an index from the Shanghai Statistics Bureau showed today. hollister soldes The Shanghai Composite Index dipped 0.1 percent to 2,733.92. But turnover remained thin at 55.19 billion yuan (US$8.5 billion), indicating investors’ reluctance to bet their money in the stock market.
But as retailers in China find it increasingly harder to nail down a good property lease contract, Konold emphasized that Gap is proactive with its expansion, whose planning is based on a thorough analysis of financial return. air max tn pas cher With increased attention trained on China, the world’s largest auto market, car makers have quickened their product launches and unveiled aggressive strategies to propel their ambitions even before Auto Shanghai 2011 opens a two-day media preview today. The central bank began to publish the quarterly total social financing figure this year. The indicator gauges the overall pace of fundraising to help the central bank judge how much liquidity is in the financial system. The concept was first introduced by the central bank in December. SHANGHAI stocks ended slightly lower today, almost wiping out losses from the morning session after the nation’s central bank injected liquidity through an open market operation. doudoune abercrombie The Index of Consumer Expectations shed 4.4 percent from the earlier three months to 98.6 points as the dismal global economic outlook has created uncertainties and reduced consumers’ hopes about the future. hollister sale uk One partner Wang Yaofeng, who worked for IBM in Shanghai after earning his master’s degree in computer sciences from Fudan; the other was Mao Gongyuan, a computer geek and old friend of Han’s dating back to high school days.
Affected industries include audio equipment, vehicle and ship parts, and medical instruments, Lu said. chaussure louboutin pas chere The interest rate on Spain’s 10-year government bond rose to 7 percent. Greece, Ireland and Portugal all asked for help from their international lenders when their own borrowing costs rose that high. cheap mulberry bags The list of possible money-spinners related to car ownership stretches on: car modifications, auto rentals, car clubs, used car trading, consumer finance. The question is: Who has what it takes to make the most from this lucrative market? boutique abercrombie paris It will be a great help as the city beefs up its shipping resources to accommodate ships which are getting bigger as well as meet an increase in cargo volume, said Chen Xuyuan, board chairman of Shanghai International Port Co, the operator. fitflop sale uk Microblogging goes beyond the information-transmission model that has characterized traditional web portals.

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Poly Real Estate, the nation’s second-largest listed developer, slumped 4.1 percent to 10.19 yuan. Gemdale Corp fell 2.7 percent to finish at 5.38 yuan. グッチ Meanwhile, the sluggish global economy and the weak won have also added to the pressure on these Korean companies, leading many of them into operating difficulties. ジョーダン I hope this will help to address the one-sided strength of the yen, Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda told reporters, according to Kyodo News agency. ルブタン 店舗 SHARES in Shanghai traded slightly higher today on strength of rising banks while energy shares rallied over advancing oil prices amid intensifying air strike in Libya.

China’s Consumer Price Index, a main gauge of inflation, eased to a 20-month low of 3.2 percent last month. アバクロ Outbound M&A deals tumbled 74 percent from the second quarter, the lowest since 2011. Their contribution to the M&A market fell from 68 percent in the first half to 28 percent in the third quarter this year, the Beijing-based research firm said in the report. ジョーダン スニーカー Though the central government has rolled out tough measures to curb home speculation, real estate still dominates as the most preferred investment option, followed by wealth management products, stocks and funds. ルイヴィトン アウトレット The Bank of Korea kept its key rate unchanged at 3.25 percent for a 12th month in June, noting elevated inflation expectations and increasing downside risk due to the situation in Europe. The country may lower borrowing costs in the second half of the year as its export-dependent economy is vulnerable to weakening global demand and inflation has eased, said Stephen Schwartz, chief economist for Asia at Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA in Hong Kong. Embodying the Mercedes-Benz brand DNA of innovation, performance, comfort and safety, the all-new CLS is available in three versions in China.

He said he has nothing against a price-to-earnings ratio of 80 for new shares provided there is an adequate explanation for such a high valuation, adding that the debut price of new stocks has to be reasonable. ホリスター We must try our best to bring about a bigger drop in inflation in the second-half of this year and lay a foundation for price controls for next year, Wen wrote in an article published by the official Qiushi Magazine today. クリスチャンルブタン 店舗 The first batch of 20 clusters was selected in 2007. They included People’s Square Modern Business Zone and Huaihai Road M. Fashion Zone in the downtown area, Jiangwan-Wujiaochang Education and Science Zone in the Middle Ring Road area, and Qibao Ecological Business Zone in the Outer Ring Road area. ルイヴィトン ショルダーバッグ There was no change in interest rates or the reserve requirement ratio in August, as many had expected. Instead, the central bank injected at least 400 billion yuan (US$63.5 billion) into circulation through open market operations.

STOCKS ended the week with a moderate gain yesterday after the resignation of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak eased investors’ fears about a spread of violence to oil-producing countries. ニューバランス スニーカー We expect our firepower to be significantly increased, Lagarde said in Washington yesterday ahead of meetings of the world’s finance chiefs. She said she foresees more commitments.

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Yesterday’s data make further interest rate rises less likely from a European Central Bank that has already overcome internal opposition to buy the bonds of Italy and Spain after their debt yields soared to alarming levels. tn pas cher homme Large-scale migration is especially likely to decline to the southern coastal cities, which have traditionally been home to export-oriented industries. Instead, rural workers in inland provinces are now more likely to want to work in cities close to their hometown. jordan pas cher femme Citywide, the average price of new homes rose 4.2 percent weekly to 22,777 yuan (US$3,581) per square meter amid comparatively strong sales of luxury properties. hollister en france CHINA will build three pilot civil aviation industrial zones to support the development of domestically-made passenger aircraft, the State Council, the country’s Cabinet, said yesterday.
Yesterday, European finance ministers insisted Greece agree to deeper cuts in wages and spending. More than 15,000 people swarmed the streets of Athens, some hurling paving stones at police. Four cabinet ministers have resigned over the cuts. nike air max pas cher The WTO ruling is seen a victory for trade partners such as the United States and the European Union, which said China’s export restrictions on raw materials are giving an unfair edge to domestic manufacturers. In the past two years, earnings of rural residents rose 9.7 percent year on year, 0.9 percentage points higher than urban dwellers, Zhang said in his report to China’s top law-makers. abercrombie paris Foster’s third-largest shareholder saw yesterday’s move by SABMiller as a way to get the ball rolling on a deal after Foster’s refused talks, and was not surprised SABMiller came back at A$4.90, the price it initially proposed. hollister outlet sale Shanghai was followed by Beijing and Guangzhou, said the Annual Report on Urban Commercial Competitiveness, which was released yesterday.
We continue to see headwinds coming from Europe, Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said in a news conference a meeting of the policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee. chaussure louboutin pas cher BOJ Governor Masaaki Shirakawa signaled the central bank’s readiness to ease policy this week, saying the board will scrutinize the negative impact that recent yen gains could have on the economy. mulberry outlet store online US gasoline prices may rise this week following a fire at a Louisiana refinery that forced owner Valero Energy Corp. to shut it down. Valero spokesman Bill Day said the Meraux, La., refinery was taken offline after catching fire early Sunday morning. It will stay shut while the company repairs the damage. No injuries were reported. abercrombie pas cher The Chinese engine maker said first deliveries of Chinese-developed engines for the 150-seat jumbo jets are expected in 2020. cheap fitflops uk GM’s strong growth in China and other fast growing emerging markets has proven a lifeline in tough times, helping offset lagging growth in the US and Europe.

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Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co jumped by the daily limit of 10 percent to 20.41 yuan. Beijing Enlight Media Co grew 3.6 percent to 64.75 yuan. air max pas cher homme In the first three months of this year, there was a drop of 22 percent from the fourth quarter of 2011 in the number of M&A transactions to 204 while the value of the deals tumbled 25 percent quarter on quarter to US$16.2 billion. jordan pas cher Oil prices for June delivery dropped 5.5 percent to below US$100 a barrel overnight in New York, after the Energy Information Administration of the United States said the country’s demand for gasoline fell by the largest amount in seven weeks. hollister france Robust sales at this project, which earlier set its asking price at a minimum 25,000 yuan per square meter, therefore, boosted weekly villa transactions to the highest since the beginning of this year, Century 21 data showed.
The company wants to raise 362 million yuan (US$55.7 million) by issuing 23.5 million shares on the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) board in Shenzhen, an exchange that is supposed to provide a funding channel for promising companies with high-growth potential. tn pas cher france The best thing is not to be mentioned in the media, whether positively or negatively, a Huawei marketing official once told me privately. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index lost 23.72, or 1.9 percent, to 1,200.86. All 10 industry groups in the S&P 500 were lower. Banks fell the most, 3.3 percent. chemise hollister These previously unreported findings may douse speculation that Huawei has been caught spying for China. hollister sale uk Since the beginning of this month, the new standard gives them a subsidy of 3,000 yuan per vehicle for cars weighing 1,205-1,320 kilograms and consuming no more than 6.3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, lower from the previous 6.9-liter threshold.
A shortcut can be installed on the device, giving an experience similar to using a native app custom-built for the smartphone or tablet being used. chaussure louboutin pas cher This year’s shortages began as early as March after surging coal prices eroded power generators’ profitability and also due to insufficient generation capacity and transmission problems. The situation has prompted the government to raise power tariffs by 3 percent for industrial and commercial users in 15 provinces from yesterday. mulberry outlet shops At present, Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell has become a key research and manufacturing center for parent firm Alcatel-Lucent, according to Chen Weidong, the company’s vice president. parfum abercrombie The survey also reveals that the majority of investors in China’s stock market last year were small investors. fitflops sale uk The Wall Street Journal reported last month that JPMorgan had invested heavily in an index of credit-default swaps, insurance-like products that protect against default by bond issuers.

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Q: How is the risk appetite of wealthy investors? A: In the past, Chinese mainland wealthy investors were more aggressive than their Hong Kong peers. エアマックス1 The Peoples Bank of China, the central bank, today injected 17 billion yuan (US$2.8 billion) into the countrys money market via seven-day reverse repurchase agreements, marking the first liquidity injection through an open market operation since February 7. シャネル トートバッグ Andrew Whitford, Westpacs head of China, told local media last week that Australian companies seeking genuine access in China would enjoy enormous benefits from establishing a foothold in the Shanghai FTZ. ニューバランス スニーカー レディース In March alone, nearly 5,000 homes under construction were sold, down 44 percent from the same month of last year.

Kindly remind you that your 1-week free trial has expired. Thank you for your interest in our products. ルブタン メンズ Industrial profit reached 779.3 billion yuan (US$126.7 billion) in the January-February period with 29 of 41 industries reporting higher earnings. ルイヴィトン アウトレット The Ford Sync communications and entertainment system will be able to connect with smartphones on models including the Fusion sedan, F-150 pickup trucks, and the Expedition SUV, the company announced on Tuesday. ホリスター 通販 Prices of cement posted an unexpected fall of 20 to 40 yuan per ton in eastern Chinese markets in recent weeks despite the fact that August is traditionally a high season for cement consumption, according to Caixun.com.

Shih founded Acer in 1976 and built it into the worlds second largest PC maker in its heyday before he retired in 2004. シャネル アクセサリー Four provinces and eight provincial capitals have seen their debt rise at rates of more than 20 percent, with the biggest pace coming in at 65 percent, he said. グッチ アウトレット Lian said people have turned to believe the current economic slowdown in China will be a long-term phenomenon and they have less confidence. プラダ サングラス The biggest carmaker in Asia has even changed the unofficial name of its local company from Toyota China to China Toyota to show its commitment to the Chinese market.

Related information were deleted later and until yesterday there were no comments from the companies involved. BYD Co, a Chinese auto maker, began testing its F3DM plug-in hybrid in Los Angeles in December. BYD says it plans to sell its K9 electric bus this year in the US and start consumer sales in 2012.

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The announcement followed British politicians’ efforts to woo business from China and other countries while London hosted the Olympic Games. Huawei will increase its headcount in the UK to more than 1,500 by 2017, from more than 800 now, the company said in a statement yesterday. It will spend US$1 billion in direct investment plus US$1 billion through procurement. tn pas cher femme A closer look at the case sheds light on some interesting aspects of China’s mammoth Internet industry. chaussure air jordan pas cher China is to launch a pilot financial reform program in Wenzhou City to formalize private lending and allow easier overseas investment. hollister france If they can’t agree, investors are worried that Moody’s, the prominent credit rating agency, will strip the United States of its top rating, joining S&P, or that S&P will lower the nation even further.
China’s average home prices will probably fall between 10 to 20 percent this year, according to a Reuters survey which canvassed opinions from 21 respondents, including economists and property market analysts. air max tn pas cher The worst fears over more tightening have long gone, and the move was expected by investors, Huang Dongsheng, an analyst with GuoDu Securities Co. “That’s why the reaction has not been strong.” The Dow Jones industrial average fell 79.85 points, or 0.7 percent, to close at 12,090.03. hollister pas cher International commodity prices are an extremely sensitive indicator of world economic conditions and can be followed on a daily basis. The chart therefore clearly traces the changes in world economic conditions in the last five years and shows the significance of recent developments. hollister uk sale TMALL, the business-to-consumer shopping site under China’s largest e-commerce company Alibaba Group, said it will offer 1 billion yuan (US$159 million) in discounts for consumers as well as subsidies for external vendors in the second half of the year to boost sales.
The staff also claimed that Gu had barred them from attending shareholders’ meetings, embezzled the company’s assets and stole shares that did not belong to him, according to the report. escarpin louboutin pas cher AUTHORITIES in Guangzhou said late Saturday that they will only allow 120,000 passenger vehicles to be registered over a one-year trial period, during which only 10,000 licenses will be handed out each month. mulberry bags sale Alan Wu is PwC China National Indirect Tax Leader. Senthuran Elalingam is PwC China Indirect Tax Senior Manager. boutique abercrombie paris In a move that recalled the global financial crisis four years ago, Spain’s market regulator on Monday said it was temporarily banning short selling of shares on its stock indexes. In a short sale, an investor seeks a profit by betting that the price of a certain stock will fall. fitflop slippers There is no suggestion that organized crime was involved in the suspected fraud on Suntech, though the company has given only sketchy details of the transactions that led to it.

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Walgreen Co., the largest US drugstore chain, fell 61 cents, or 1.6 percent, to US$37.18 after the company said that a measure of revenue fell more than analysts had expected in December, even as prescription counts continued to recover. エアジョーダン5 Oil prices jumped 25 percent from January through April as global demand grew to the highest level on record while violent uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East threatened oil fields and cut off Libya’s oil exports. シャネル ファンデーション  ルイヴィトン バッグ We will strictly prevent the growing momentum of the risks from local government financing vehicles, the CBRC said in an annual report, laying out its priorities in 2012.
Wang Tao, an economist at UBS AG, had expected the trade deficit to be temporary and that the surplus would grow, especially by the end of the year when goods made in China are sold around the world ahead of Western holidays. ナイキ エアマックス Jiangxi Copper Co, China’s biggest producer of the metal, was down 1.83 percent to 24.69 yuan. West Mining fell 2.14 percent to 10.47 yuan. Aluminum Corporation of China edged up 0.13 percent to 7.68 yuan. CHINESE consumers will be hit by the largest price hike in three years for household and personal care products as major producers said they will raise prices by up to 15 percent due to increasing costs of raw materials and transport.  The manufacturing index typically needs to fall to about 43 to suggest the broader economy is shrinking, according to the ISM. Still, growth at or below 2 percent is not enough to significantly lower the unemployment rate, which was 8.3 percent in July. And the slight decline in manufacturing activity also makes it more likely the Federal Reserve will take steps at its meeting next week to boost economic growth, Dales said. アバクロ tシャツ GERMANY’S Lufthansa signed a deal yesterday to sell its loss-making British Midland subsidiary to the parent of rival British Airways in a deal worth as much as 172.5 million pounds (US$270 million).
HSBC’s Flash Purchasing Managers’ Index, the earliest indicator of China’s manufacturing activity rose to a 13-month high of 50.4 in November, from October’s final reading of 49.5, the bank said today. A reading above 50 means expansion. シャネル ピアス CITIC Securities, China’s biggest listed brokerage, jumped 7.9 percent to 13.16 yuan (US$2.11). Haitong Securities increased 5.1 percent to 10.05 yuan. Sinolink Securities Co surged the daily limit of 10 percent to 17.24 yuan. The launch of the international board will certainly diverge existing capital, Morgan Stanley Huaxin Funds Management Co wrote in a report. “Some overpriced companies will face the pressure coming from new listings.”  The ministry didn’t elaborate on the 470 billion yuan number in the document for railway infrastructure spending. エアジョーダン 通販 CHINA has pledged to further open its defense-related industries to private capital in a “fair and safe manner,” an investment guideline revealed yesterday.
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A guard at the construction site of Sky City, a projected 838-meter building in the capital city of Hunan, said work had been halted since last June, days after a ground-breaking ceremony. tn pas cher homme Ai veterani russi Putin ha ricordato il prezzo pagato da Stalingrado per la vittoria sui nazisti, raccontando di averne parlato poco prima proprio con Angela Merkel: attorno a Stalingrado morirono 1 milione e 400mila tedeschi, e 1 milione e 200mila sovietici. chaussures louboutin femmes pas cher è anche l’unico dei raìs, insieme al ben più giovane Bashar Assad, sopravvissuto alla primavera araba che qui è stata soffocata con un mix di generosi contributi assistenziali, finanziati dalle entrate di gas e petrolio, e una repressione occhiuta e capillare. E perché è avvenuto in un periodo in cui il più popoloso Paese dell’Africa occupava le pagine dei media internazionali non per le sue storie di ordinaria violenza, bensì per motivi virtuosi.

In China’s foreign exchange spot market, the yuan is allowed to rise or fall by 2 percent from the central parity rate each trading day. hollister femme Produzione petrolifera in calo, inflazione al 56% e introduzione di altre misure di controllo dei cambi. Il Venezuela di Nicolas Maduro, vive giorni di tensione. chaussure air jordan I generali russi sono i consulenti e i garanti del sistema di sicurezza dell’Armenia, in stato di guerra con l’Azerbaijan per il Nagorno, e ora qualche parola di cordoglio sui massacri di un secolo fa può servire alle strategie della Turchia di Erdogan. Un passato che non passa, certo non nella memoria degli armeni, può così diventare uno strumento di tattica politica.

An untaken road “As long as students go for what they want, paleontology is only one of the many so-called subjects,” Qiao said. The PhD student did not officially enrol for paleontology study until postgraduate when he could counter his parents’ opposition as an adult. magasin hollister Il lungo contenzioso con il Cile non ha mai trovato soluzione; e neppure il negoziato tra il presidente cileno Michelle Bachelet e quello boliviano Evo Morales, pur nell’alveo di uno spirito di collaborazione positivo, si è tradotto in un accordo. Il dossier è sul tavolo dei giudici della Corte internazionale de L’Aja. nike tn uk Un successo imprevisto che con una valanga di novemila domande in poco più di un anno ha prosciugato in netto anticipo i fondi stanziati, costringendo le autorità a sospendere il programma. MobiPro Ue, il piano promosso dal governo tedesco per attirare giovani disoccupati dal resto dell’Europa in crisi, ha esaurito i finanziamenti. Bisogna aspettare i prossimi.


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Customers are encouraged to meet the creative team face-to-face at the start. Idea exchanges after that usually take place on the phone or via the Internet. louboutin chaussures The slide was broad. Financial firms and material producers fell the most. Morgan Stanley plunged 8 percent and Goldman Sachs lost 7 percent. mulberry outlet store online Automakers and dealerships can no longer rely solely on selling new cars to make profits. On the other hand, there’s money to be made taking care of the cars already on the road. Last year, China’s auto maintenance and repair market generated over 600 billion yuan (US$94.2 billion) in revenue. With more than 100 million cars on the road, prospects are good that the industry could surge to the one trillion yuan mark. abercrombie soldes Fourth-quarter net income climbed 64 percent to NT$35 billion (US$1.18 billion) from NT$21.4 billion a year earlier, according to an e-mailed statement from the Taipei-based company. The profit beat each of the nine analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg News, and the average NT$26.6 billion. discount fitflops sale This year’s conference was being held much later than usual, an indication of the complexity of designing the road map on how to run China’s economy in 2012.

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Wang Xinhua, chief financial officer of Sinopec, said the company’s annual capital expenditure, excluding the investment amount for overseas merger and acquisition activities, will be around 120 billion yuan in the next two years. エアマックス1 The first step of the suspects is making calls, most of them called with servers overseas, Wei said. “This year we had eight cases with stolen money reaching over 1 million yuan and all the victims received the calls with a false number.” シャネル ネックレス Currently, office buildings of state-owned operations, government administrations and other public facilities including hospitals and campuses are required to be completely smoke free. 銀座 アバクロ Lu Zhengwei, chief economist at the Industrial Bank, predicted last month’s exports may drop 3.8 percent from a year earlier while imports may tumble 9.9 percent. 
Wu Xiaoling, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature, and vice chairman of its Financial and Economic Committee, said at the weekend there was still room for China to lift the reserve requirement. ナイキ エアマックス95 He added big mills could benefit from the government measure as most have captive power supply. gucci バッグ TOYOTA Motor Corp, Japan’s biggest auto maker, slashed global production last month by the most in more than two decades as the recession and a credit crunch decimate demand for new automobiles. 銀座 アバクロ The unexpectedly low reading on consumer confidence “spooks people and reinforces fears that the economy is slowing too much too fast,” said Scott Marcouiller, chief technical market strategist at Wells Fargo Advisors. He noted that stocks had just enjoyed a seven-day winning streak, which makes them vulnerable to a big drop. air force 1 Airlines led the way among expectations that earnings will rise due to surging domestic tourism. China Southern Airlines gained 4.10 percent to 7.37 yuan. China Eastern Airlines advanced 5.58 percent to 8.14 yuan. The carrier will invest 2.38 billion yuan to set up an airline joint venture with the Yunnan provincial government. Air China rose 2.20 percent to 12.57 yuan.

Bond prices fell. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note, which moves opposite its price, rose to 3.70 percent from 3.54 percent. シャネル 財布 China doesn’t set a limit on BaP content in instant noodles, thus the test was based on the limit for vegetable oil and grain, the bureau said. グッチ ショルダーバッグ CHINA CNR Corp, one of the nation’s two major train manufacturers, yesterday announced it plans to acquire the entire stake of a Shenyang train car maker as part of the company’s latest effort to further expand its market share. エアジョーダン スニーカー In the first eight months of this year, China’s retail sales grew 14.1 percent, down from last year’s 17.1 percent rise, due to the economic downturn. The bar’s response followed an accusation on Shanghaiist.com, a blog popular among expats, in which the woman complained she was dragged out of the bar by bouncers at the weekend.


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NetQin, which provides mobile security services for Chinese handset users, generated an annual 21 percent rise in revenue to US$80 million in 2010. クリスチャンルブタン 店舗 It was the first time for HP to launch a global product on the Chinese mainland, showing its commitment to the domestic market, the company said yesterday. ルイ??ヴィトン The week included four moves of 100 points or more for the Dow, the first time that has happened since April: abercrombie paris soldes In an hour, one could size up 60 potential mates, and thats allowing for 30 seconds per table switch. Moreover, many parents uploaded pictures of their children’s uniforms with the Ouxia brand even though their schools weren’t on the list. Schools which purchased the clothes but have not been listed include the Yangyuan Central and Gaoqiao Tonggang primary schools, according to parents.

The tax revenue retrieved has risen due to the tax officials’ increasing enforcement, the abolition of tax incentives and a unified 25 percent corporate income tax rate. “China is on track to develop its transfer pricing enforcement program,” Chi Cheng, a KPMG partner, said. “They will just continue this effort.” nike tn pas cher Wang Xia, director of the Auto Committee at the China Council For the Promotion of International Trade, said the first fair was organized in a very short period. He promised that future shows will be more appealing. ルイヴィトン 長財布 What does that do? said Wang, who helped set up the Tsinghua Automotive Design Center in 2003. “The first response for many Chinese designers is to go on the Internet and copy from BMW and Mercedes and hand in the work.” ニューバランス 1400 In a product-placement deal for Paramount Pictures Corp’s third “Iron Man” movie, Robert Downey Jr’s character Tony Stark will battle his latest nemesis, the Mandarin, using TCL products. Some real-world features, such as handheld devices interacting with televisions, will be replicated on-screen. プラダ バッグ SHANGHAI’S taxi watchdog said yesterday that it has seized 14,700 illegal or cloned vehicles and motors in the past year.

YANZHOU Coal Mining Co, China’s fourth-largest producer, may raise more than A$1 billion (US$1.1 billion) in an initial public offering for at least a third of its Australian unit by the end of the year. ルブタン パンプス Li, who’s also a member of the Finance & Economy Committee of Shanghai’s People’s Congress, finds nothing incongruous about it at all. ニューバランス m1400 The Dow and S&P fell right after the opening bell, then turned up briefly before dropping again. プラダ トートバッグ The dollar rose, reaching a five-month high against the euro as concern grew about heavy debt loads in Greece. Dong and Wang were identified in surveillance footages. They had appeared in a video game parlor on Tongnan Road in Baoshan District.


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Profit margins are as low as 5 percent in the industry. The higher tax rebate makes no big difference, said Pan Yifan, a partner of Beijing-based Allpku Consulting Co. ナイキ エアマックス Supachai became WTO director-general in 1999 and was appointed as UNCTAD secretary-general in 2005. グッチ 指輪 Nearly two stocks rose for every one that fell on the New York Stock Exchange, where volume came to 1 billion shares, essentially flat with Friday. アバクロ パーカー The reforms will boost foreign trade and simplify enterprises’ import payment procedures while cutting enterprises’ costs, according to the statement. ジョーダン スニーカー The June figure is close to the loan growth in the first quarter, when monthly average topped 1.6 trillion yuan.

To get a Chinese passport, Kim went to Shenyang City, capital of northeastern China’s Liaoning Province, three times where he first got a forged Chinese ID card with the name Sun Yueqi and used the card to apply for a passport. Prosecutors said Kim received the illegal passport in January 2009. From March 2009 to August 1 of this year, he used the passport to travel frequently between China and South Korea for business, medical treatment and family visits. シャネル 財布 Industrial analysts said the stimulus would encourage car makers to invest in accelerating commercialization of green cars. グッチ ショルダーバッグ Gales hitting the coast were to blame for the sinkings at the mouth of the Yangtze, the Shanghai maritime administration said. Shipping was restricted in the area while rescue efforts continued. エアジョーダン6 In the first eight months, foreign investors set up 15,777 new enterprises in China with an total investment of US$74.99 billion, contracting 3.4 percent from a year earlier. CHINA Telecom Corp yesterday signed an agreement with Canada-based Research In Motion Ltd to offer BlackBerry phones on the Chinese mainland as it competes to gain market share in the smartphone sector against its two rivals.


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SHANGHAI’S key stock index dropped to a one-month low on concerns that the central government may use administrative measures to control product prices. エアマックス1 Rain has departed from the city and the weather should turn clear and stable, mostly sunny and partly cloudy, in the next five days. グッチ リング INVESTORS’ despair about financial companies and the recession has brought the Dow Jones industrial average to another unwanted milestone: its first drop below 7,000 in more than 11 years. アバクロ 福岡 The Shenzhen Composite Index, which tracks the smaller domestic market, lost 0.62 percent to close at 692.67 points. エアジョーダン1 The Zhejiang-based private car maker, which sealed a deal with Ford to buy Volvo Car Corp, said net profit was 1.18 billion yuan (US$173 million) last year, compared with 879 million yuan a year earlier, according to its statement filed to the Hong Kong stock exchange yesterday.

Details were not immediately available on the terms of the agreement between management and workers at the exhaust factory. シャネル公式サイト SHANGHAI’S key stock stood above 3,000 points for the first time in half a year, led by appliances producers and the technology sector, after China placed energy-saving and higher living standard ahead of GDP growth in its next Five-Year Plan. Steelmakers and property developers dropped. gucci 財布 メンズ Prosecutors said the victim surnamed Shen dialed a wrong number that connected him with the convict surnamed Lin last July. Lin found Shen mistook him as a cigarette supplier and was anxious to replenish the stock of his supermarket. ジョーダン But rents still managed to rise slightly because of “a tight supply, coupled with improving demand from domestic companies in Pudong,” he said. Stocks initially fell on growing pessimism about the banking industry and a home sales report that came in weaker than the market expected. But as the day wore on, some of the uncertainty about the troubled banking system lifted when the Treasury Department said it’s beginning to “stress test” the banks. The test will use two economic scenarios to measure banks’ health, and the process is expected to be done by the end of April.


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Marina Bay Sands, the city state’s second casino, has not finished its construction and is expected to open to the public this year. シャネル マトラッセ The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index was up 0.62 percent, or 18.18 points, to close at 2,967.03 points. Turnover dropped to 33.8 billion yuan(US$5 billion) from yesterday’s 39 billion yuan. Gainers outnumbered losers 582 to 262, and 72 remained unchanged. gucci バッグ Banks should pace credit reasonably, or avoid a surge of credit, and stop credit to overcapacity industries as the banking industry is guided to support the real economy by channeling capital to strategic industries and low carbon sectors, the Shanghai bureau of the China Banking Regulatory Commission said yesterday. ジョーダン Metal producers also pushed up the index. Jiangxi Copper Co added 2.15 percent to 28.06 yuan. Zijin Mining Co rose 2.22 percent to 4.60 yuan. Residents complain they suffer from frequent shortages, especially in summer, and are concerned that waterways where their water is taken from are open to shipping.


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